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About Us

Golden House is located at 1 Lyme Street, Axminster. Established since 1990, we are the first open Chinese takeaway and restaurant in the region, our quality food and service win the recognition from our locally customers.


We at Golden House pride ourselves for providing our customers wide range of oriental foods. We are the first Chinese takeaway in the region to introduce meat alternative "veggie meat" to our vegan/vegetarian customers. Veggie Chicken is a meat alternative, made from soy protein or tofu and other natural ingredient. This quality product along with our chef's cooking skill which makes the vegetarian dishes more tasty and more options to choose from.


All dishes at Golden House are 100% NO added MSG and Artificial Colour. Tasty and healthy wighted the same in our business goal.


All our dishes are made with authentic, fresh ingredients and where possible always locally sourced.